• Catastrophe Modeling

    Climate Science, Geology, Natural Hazards, Re/Insurance

    Natural hazards research is a fascinating and complex scientific problem, but more than that, it demands an understanding of the interplay between hazard, economic conditions, public policy, and the business world. The re/insurance field is at the forefront of societal risk management, but it faces a range of challenges, both near-term, with the expansion of wealth and population into high-risk metropolitan areas, and long-term, as climate change enhances the risk of extreme storm surges, floods, and heat waves.


    A climate scientist and geologist by training, I am passionate about bridging the gaps between sources of new knowledge in the research world and end-users in the private sector. My scientific specialty is the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, the largest driver of year-to-year climate variability, which is where changes in the ocean and atmosphere intersect most dramatically with short-term events like hurricanes and floods. However, my geology background and experience in the re/insurance sector allow me to be comfortable working with the full suite of natural perils.


    I am excited to bring a flexible toolbox of stochastic modeling, geospatial analytics, machine learning, open source datasets, and social media to the field of catastrophe modeling.

  • Experience

    Liberty Mutual

    Oakland, CA | 2020-present


    Director, Catastrophe R&D

    Lead catastrophe modeling research and development for Liberty Mutual in Corporate Enterprise Risk Management. Represent ERM in Liberty Climate Council, which assesses climate risk and sets strategy at the enterprise level.




    Corporate Catastrophe Solutions | 2018-2020

    AVP, Senior Research Scientist


    Chubb Tempest Re | 2012-2017

    AVP, Senior Research Scientist

    Research Scientist / Analyst

    University of Texas - Austin



    Graduate Research Assistant | 2008-2012

    Teaching Assistant | 2007-2011


    Climate: Past, Present, and Future

    Sustaining a Planet

    Physical Geology



    Field Geology - Summer field camp

    Honors Undergraduate Short Course - Florida Keys

    Anadarko Petroleum



    Geology Intern

    Carleton College



    Lab Assistant

    Global Change Biology

    Sedimentology and Stratigraphy


    Introduction to Geology

    University of Minnesota - Twin Cities



    Ecology Intern

  • Education

    University of Texas - Austin

    Ph.D., 2012

    Geological Sciences - El Niño, Paleoclimate, Climate Change

    Carleton College

    B.A., 2007

    Geology, Biology

  • Technical Skills




    Previously: Matlab, Java, C++